Asphalt Mix Design

WesTest is the leading designer of custom asphalt mixture in Colorado.

Our materials engineers are experts in asphalt mix design. They are able to efficiently evaluate aggregate production splits and properties as well as project criteria in order to create a cost-effective asphalt mixture that will meet the project specification.

Additionally, our team can not only appraise the workability of any mix, but we have the ability to properly sample and provide test results representative of the material being produced.

Including the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and state Departments of Transportation, our laboratory is AASHTO Accredited to perform all of the aggregate testing required by agencies. We are also AASHTO Accredited to perform asphalt mix design and production testing using Superpave or Marshall Criteria.

We can also provide services such as asphalt density testing and coring and asphalt plant control.

Some of our asphalt mixture tests include:

  • Superpave and Marshall Mix Designs
  • Core analysis
  • Extraction / gradation
  • Specific Gravity compacted mix and percent compaction
  • Asphalt content determination by ignition furnace and quantitative extraction
  • Moisture sensitivity by Lottman procedure
  • Marshall stability and flow
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