Remote Laboratory Capabilities

Our fully equipped remote laboratory facilities and experienced field technicians and engineers are available to provide testing services at your construction site. We can provide the equipment and staff for all of your on-site testing and inspection needs.

Aggregate Crushing / Production Control

We provide technicians and equipment to perform gradations and physical property tests of material being crushed, screened, and washed for use in asphalt, Portland cement concrete, crushed aggregate base course or for general construction.


Asphalt Density and Coring

We provide certified technicians to perform compaction testing using nuclear density gauges. Our technicians work with production personnel to establish compaction equipment roller patterns to help obtain the required density.

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Asphalt Plant Control

Asphalt Plant Control includes determining aggregate moisture content, asphalt binder content, aggregate gradation, theoretical maximum specific gravity, and volumetric testing, either Marshall or Superpave.


Concrete Testing

We provide ACI certified technicians to provide on-site concrete testing that includes determining the slump, air content, unit weight, temperature, casting compressive strength cylinders or flexural strength beams.

For large projects we can provide sealed heated water tanks for curing cylinders or beams on-site and maintain the required 60º to 80ºF temp during initial cure and 73º F for long term curing.

WesTest also has ACI certified Concrete Transportation Construction Inspectors to monitor that proper placement and construction methods are used during construction.


Soil Compaction Testing and Moisture Control

Our technicians are experienced in providing quality control and assurance ranging from checking the subgrade prior to the placement of the next pavement layer to testing embankment construction for large civil projects.


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