Construction Materials Testing

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WesTest provides technicians and equipment to perform gradations and physical property tests of material being crushed, screened and washed for use in asphalt, Portland cement concrete, crushed aggregate base course or for general construction. We can also monitor aggregate specific gravity, angularity and hardness to ensure the material being stockpiled is consistent.

Our technicians can also determine the asphalt binder content and gradations as Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) is being processed. These tests can be performed at the aggregate production facility or samples can be sent to our laboratory for analysis. Test results can be input into quality control charts and statistically analyzed using averages and standard deviations. Aggregate statistics can be used to determine the probability any single sample from a stockpile will meet specifications.


WesTest provides engineers to monitor and verify foundation construction, including:

  • Footing and pad dimensions
  • Caisson construction
  • Reinforcing steel placement

Caisson observation includes verifying construction meets the specifications for proper diameter, penetration into competent bedrock, total depth, plumb and properly dewatered.


WesTest provides ACI certified technicians to provide on-site concrete testing. Testing includes determining the slump, air content, unit weight, temperature, casting compressive strength cylinders or flexural strength beams and ensuring initial curing conditions meet specification criteria. Water/cement ratio and yield are also calculated. Air content is determined by the pressure method for normal and heavy weight concrete and is determined volumetrically for lightweight concrete.

For large projects we can provide sealed heated water tanks for curing cylinders or beams on-site and maintain the required 60º to 80ºF temp during initial cure and 73º F for long term curing.

WesTest also has ACI certified Concrete Transportation Construction Inspectors to monitor that proper placement and construction methods are used during construction.

Ready Mixed Concrete Production Facilities Inspection
WesTest has National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) qualified inspectors available to inspect ready mixed concrete facilities, including delivery fleets, required by some Federal and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specifications.

GROUT AND MORTAR TESTINGGrout and mortar should be tested to verify compliance with specifications. WesTest can provide technicians to construct grout prisms and/or mortar cubes for compressive strength testing. We can also verify proper size, strength and placement of reinforcing steel.

ASPHALT DENSITY TESTING & CORINGHot Mix Asphalt durability is more dependent on proper compaction than any other factor.

WesTest provides certified technicians to perform compaction testing using nuclear density gauges.

Our technicians work with production personnel to establish compaction equipment roller patterns to help obtain the required density.

Cores are taken to determine the actual in-place density and correlate nuclear density gauges to the specific mix, thickness and supporting characteristics of the material being tested.

ASPHALT PLANT CONTROLHot Mix Asphalt Plant control includes:

  • Aggregate moisture content
  • Asphalt binder content
  • Aggregate gradations
  • Volumetric testing
  • Theoretical maximum specific gravity determination

The volumetric testing, which determines laboratory compacted bulk specific gravity and calculates percent air voids and percent voids in mineral aggregate, can be done with either the Superpave gyratory compactor or Marshall compaction equipment.

Marshall Stability and flow can also be determined. We can also test the individual stockpile materials being used at the plant for:

  • Gradation
  • Specific gravity
  • Angularity
  • Plasticity
  • Moisture

Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) can also be included in the testing for asphalt binder content, gradation and moisture. Our experienced technicians provide test results to production personnel in a timely manner so adjustments can be made, if necessary.


We inspect reinforcing steel in footings, caissons, slabs and walls prior to concrete placement. The inspections are done to verify compliance with the plans and specifications. We verify rebar size, grade, quantity, spacing, overlap and cover versus requirements.


Our technicians are experienced in providing quality control and assurance ranging from checking the subgrade prior to placement of the next pavement layer, to testing embankment construction for large civil projects.

Soil density and moisture determination can be done using nuclear or sand cone methods. Proper control of percent compaction, along with verifying proper moisture content, is critical to controlling settlement and swell.


We can design lime, fly ash and cement stabilized soil and soil/aggregate mixtures. During construction, we can verify the percentage of stabilization chemical and depth of treatment meets project specifications.

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